Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to another amazing face in our community. Hekate's Daughter, local craft teacher and a wise young lady.

I am currently offering Seeker and Student classes. Seeker classes begin on August 18 at 3pm. It is a 6 class overview of the Wiccan religion given every other Sunday over 12 weeks and an introduction for those who know little about Wicca and are interested in possibly becoming part of the religion. It is for people who are very new and know little to nothing about the religion itself.
Student classes are 20 weeks and began on July 28, but I will take students until September 8 for those who might be interested. Student classes are for those who know a little more about the religion and the practice of the religion. They will be hands on and deal with energy work, the elements, the holidays, and some of the why's of our traditions. Essentially, it is Wicca 101 from an eclectic point of view. Combined, these classes will be a year and a day. After all of the reading, classes, and homework are complete, there will be a student dedication weekend for those who may wish to dedicate themselves to this path.
These classes are held in my home to ensure privacy, for those who may be concerned about retribution from a job or people in their life (though I don't recommend lying to a spouse or significant other). Because these classes are held in my home, I do charge a materials fee of $10 per class. This fee is NOT for the information (I believe that it should be freely given), but for things like paper, printer ink, coffee, snacks and even toilet paper. At the end of the classes, each student will have the materials to begin teaching their own seeker and student classes.
I can be contacted via facebook as Hekate's Daughter and by phone at 573-228-9603. I do not have an answering machine, but can be reached after 5:30 Monday-Friday and almost all day on the weekends or by email at lightgoddess(at)gmail(dot)com more or less any time.
As for my own background in the Craft, I began this path as a solitary in 2001. I studied via the internet with a couple of ladies here in the US and an Alexandrian initiate in Australia (who eventually left Wicca to study her own shamanic family tradition). In mid 2010 I moved to northeast Arkansas and joined the Southern Delta Church of Wicca- ATC, and began working with a group. In April 2012 I was initiated first degree into the SDCW tradition. After initiation, I moved to Mid-Missouri and began study to achieve my second degree elevation with a third degree from my church living in the area. I have also begun Pagans in the Park, most recently. It is simply a group of pagans in the Columbia area who get together in Peace Park once a month to network, discuss and practice some hands-on element of the Craft, and have a good time. August's theme is energy work. For September, we will encourage everyone to visit Pagan Pride Day. October's theme will likely be psychometry. After it turns off cold, we will very likely move it to a meeting room at the library because no one likes to be a witch-cicle!

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